Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard

Kragsbjerggaard's history

Kragsbjergaard's history stretches back hundreds of years back in time. All the innovations of the place and buildings are taken with respect for history.

There has been a farm at the end of the current Kragsbjergvej since 1629, but you use the year 1747 as Kragsbjerggaard's actual birthday. It was the year when the then owner built a new main building and built the park and the forest.

One can also look at the wooden beam, which is walled into the timber frame in one of the lengths. In addition to the '1747' on the beam, the letters 'JCW' were cut for the owner, Johan Christopher von Westen, and 'KKH' for his wife Karen Krag Holmsted, who thus named the manor.

Since then, the farm lived a tumultuous life, and both the main building and the longs have been built later. The current main building was built in the years 1830-1835, while the three were built in the 1950s after Odense Municipality took over Kragsbjerggaard.

Under the direction of the well-known architect and royal building inspector Knud Lehn Petersen, who had also helped to construct the Fynske Landsby, the lengths were peeled down and built up in the original style. Only the timber and timber beams were recycled while the bricks were new, and a new tile roof was also added. After two years of rebuilding, Odense Hostel could open officially on March 27, 1958.

Now a new chapter starts.

On January 2, 2019, Kragsbjerggaard has acquired new owners, who in future will develop the hostel for the benefit of both overnight guests, students and participants in parties and other gatherings.

Kragsbjerggaard will be renovated so that the manor house will live up to the demands of the time and be equipped with modern facilities.

Kragsbjerggaard will be able to offer:

Good room for camp schools and groups.

Meeting, company and conference rooms.

Follow our new initiatives and renovation here on the website.

We look forward to sharing this beautiful place with you all.

Kragsbjerggaard must be a natural part of the positive development in Odense.

Address and contact info

Kragsbjergvej 121, 5230 Odense M
+45 4241 5230
Steen Kusch

Opening Periods

18/01 - 22/12(Tid)


Number of beds
Number of rooms
Number of rooms with bath and/or toilet
Number of rooms with no bathroom and/or toilet

55.38522, 10.40789

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