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    Rikke & Niels Hobolt

    Danhostel Rømø

    Spend the night at a historic Sea Captain’s house where ecology, hygge and nature take centre stage.

    The charming Danhostel Rømø, housed in an old 18th-century sea captain’s house, has been a hostel since 1948. On arrival, you will be greeted by hosts, Rikke and Niels Hobolt, who will make you feel at home from the start with coffee and tea.

    In the main building, you will discover a historic wing with beautiful, original Rømø panels, Dutch tiles and local history, including the visit of the Danish royal couple in 1949. A.P. Møller-MÆRSK supported the construction of the newer buildings which were done in the same style as others in the historic surroundings. Danhostel Rømø lies right next door to nature at the Wadden Sea National Park and offers tranquillity, hygge and community. You get everything you need for a perfect overnight stay on the island of Rømø.

    Our focus is on ecology, so your day begins with a delicious Danish breakfast with homemade bread, cakes and local produce.  After a fun-filled day, relax on one of our cosy terraces with a cup of coffee and homemade cake. Try some wine or beer, perhaps, when we fire up the grill. If you prefer, use one of our two well-equipped guest kitchens to prepare your meals. Keep an eye out for the wildlife around you, and see, for example, hares and deer. If you arrive in the spring or fall, you can experience thousands of migratory birds at Wadden Sea National Park. Here you are reminded that you are just a small piece in nature's magnificent jigsaw puzzle.

    More about Danhostel Rømø

    Danhostel Rømø is located at Havneby, close to shopping and various eateries. There are 21 rooms, some with private bathrooms, plus 2 dining rooms, 2 guest kitchens and 2 living rooms – one with a fireplace. We have lovely terraces, cosy niches and an area for ball games. There are plenty of free parking spaces for your vehicles. Just 10 minutes’ walk from the hostel, you can rent bicycles and kites at a reasonable price at Rømø Bikes. Nearby are the towns of Skærbæk, Tønder and Ribe with attractions such as Ribe Cathedral and Schackenborg Castle.

    There are approximately 70 beds in 21 rooms, so we are the ideal location for large and small groups.  Choose us when you want to host parties, school camps, sports clubs or courses.  We are ready with solutions to suit your wishes, so contact us and learn more.

    Nature at Rømø

    At Rømø you can experience the unique nature of the Wadden Sea National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Rømø is a beautiful island with varied flora and fauna. On the east side of the island is the National Park with marshlands and unique wildlife such as the thousands of birds which call Rømø home. Go on a Baltic safari during the cool months and enjoy tasty oysters from the Pacific Ocean.  At Rømø's cliffs to the west, experience the heather which covers the ground like a carpet, and the North Sea with its wide beaches, dunes and tidal experiences.

    Activities on Rømø

    Experience the Wadden Sea’s culture and participate in loads of outdoor activities.  Cycle, ride, sail, play volleyball, ride on a beach buggy or hike.  Witness the powers of nature as sea levels cause the tides to rise and fall, and feel your body react to the forces of the wind which whip up the roaring waves. Take advantage of the west winds when you surf the waves or fly a kite with the kids on the wide sandy beach.   Go on a sailing safari, catch shrimps or take the ferry to the beautiful island of Sylt, where you will discover seals and guinea pigs on the trip.

    There are more activities you can enjoy on Rømø.  View the island's animals and plants, go hunting along the west coast, taste the area's delicacies in the form of smoked shrimps, Wadden Sea stews or oysters.  Visit Nature Centre Tønnisgaard, St. Clemens Church and The Sea Captain’s House (National Museum Commandgård) on Rømø which has a whale skeleton in the barn.  For the young ones, try Rømø's Play and Horsepark with up to 30 different activities.

    Check out all the exciting activities you can experience at, enjoy the west winds and Wadden Sea National Park’s experiences when you stay at Danhostel Rømø.

    For more information on accommodation at Danhostel Rømø, please call us at +45 3121 8700 or email us at

    We look forward to seeing you.

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