KRONBORG CASTLE - UNESCO World Heritage Site in Denmark

    Kronborg Castle was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2000.

    Why A UNESCO Choice?
    Kronborg Castle lies in a strategically important location next to the Sound between Denmark and Sweden. The Castle has a great symbolic value for the Danish people and played a key role in Northern Europe's history from the 16th to 18th century. The construction of Kronborg Castle began in 1574.  Its defences were strengthened in the late 17th century and have remained intact until today. It is known worldwide as "Elsinore" or “Hamlet’s Castle” because it provided the setting for Shakespeare's Hamlet. Kronborg Castle was added to UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 2000. Learn more here.

    What to See and Experience at Kronborg Castle
    The Castle's many fine details inside and out.  They include the impressive rooms, tapestries, moat, the towers and spires, the beautiful setting within the courtyard and fantastic views of the Sound. Take a look out the window as you tour inside.  Last, but certainly not least, take a trip to the casemates below the castle and discover the Danish hero, Holger Danske, who walks around in the dark passages.

    Many Reasons to Visit Kronborg
    You might enjoy the spooky tour to see Holger Danske and the casemates, but the trip might be a bit scary for young children.  Exciting history awaits all at Kronborg Castle and there are many activities year-round.  Experience, for example, Shakespeare Festival, Renaissance Festival, Christmas Markets and much more.

    Other Attractions Nearby
    The Maritime Museum of Denmark is located near Kronborg Castle and you get free entry with a Copenhagen card.  Other discounts are also available.

    Danhostels are Close By
    Danhostel Helsingør is not far from beautiful Kronborg Castle.  It is near the beach and has a beautiful view of the Sound. The trip from Danhostel Hillerød or one of the Copenhagen Danhostels to Helsingør and Kronborg Castle is reasonably quick.

    Secret Tips

    • Visit Kronborg Castle during the scheduled festivals or markets and spend the entire day.
    • Combine your visit to Kronborg Castle with a tour of another UNESCO World Heritage Site, Par Force Hunting in North Zealand.

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