Danhostel Copenhagen Amager's New Architect-Designed, Sustainable Reception Area.

13. Dec. 2017

Sustainable tourism is making an impact at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, located near the beautiful natural area called Amager Fælled, so when you stay at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, you stay near the city, but in the middle of nature.

Malou Uldahl Borch, one of the hosts at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, explains their goal by saying, "We (Lasse and I) want to tell our guests - via our new sustainable environment - our story about a company which takes responsibility when it comes to the environment. We look forward to welcoming new and regular guests who will follow our development and notice the amazing changes which are created when nature meets hygge at our Danhostel."  
The New Reception Area
Starting February 2018, the new area will be an integrated café, entertainment and reception area. At first, the plan was to make one large area, but as they discussed their options with the builders, the decision was made to bring nature inside and display the unique atmosphere as a gateway to the natural area at neighbouring Amager Fælled. Guests will be greeted by a new reception area with site-specific plant species and proper lighting. In the living room, the guests' experiences will include an integrated reception and café area with identical furniture. This design continues into the living room and includes elements such as a plant wall, an exhibition of local natural plants in lovely niches, cosy lighting and information panels.
Architect Firm take the Lead
The new reception area designed by ZESO Architects will create a unique setting using architecture and design which will reflect well on the hosting at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager.  As a result, the upgraded facilities both inside and out, the hostel's enhanced identity and the new design will interact with and contribute to its natural surroundings.



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