Meet Bettina Sjøstrøm - Hostess at Danhostel Sandvig

08. Nov. 2017
Line Juhl Kronow

Let's go on a trip to sunny Bornholm and say hello to one of our newest hostesses, namely, Bettina, hostess at Danhostel Sandvig.

Name: Bettina Sjøstrøm  

Hostess At: Danhostel Sandvig

Number of years at Danhostel: We have owned this place since 1990, but became part of Danhostel in 2016.

Where were you born and raised?

I was born and raised on the island of Bornholm. I have lived here all my life. I appreciate the varied natural surroundings we enjoy, plus being so close to the sea.

Where in Denmark did you spend your last holiday?

In June 2016 we spent a few days at Jammerbugten (The Bay Denmark). I love the ocean and prefer to spend some time there.  It must be because I'm an islander.

Where is your favourite place in Denmark to spend your holiday?

I love to spend my holiday near the North Sea because there are so many beautiful places there.

What place in Denmark would you like to visit that you have not been to before?

I have seen a lot of Denmark since many of my childhood holidays were in different places in our beautiful country. I hope my next Danish holiday will be a reunion with Skagen, which I visited for the first time in 1968.

What is the best thing about holidaying in Denmark?

One of the best things is the short distances and the great versatility. Despite being a small country, the scenery is varied with many exciting tourist attractions available.

What would you like to say to those who do not normally spend their holidays in Denmark?

I would say, try it. There are so many lovely places. If you choose to stay at a Danhostel, you will get good and affordable accommodation.

What is the best thing about being a hostess at a Danhostel?

The best thing about hosting is the pleasure of helping others. I really enjoy when I can share my knowledge of our lovely island and give my guests good advice about the area and the attractions.

If you COULD mention ONLY one thing, what would you like to emphasize about your Danhostel?

It's hard to emphasise just one thing, but it must be the location. We are located right at the foot of Hammerknuden, within walking distance of Hammershus and only 200 m from the white sandy beach and the small pleasant harbour.

Read more about Danhostel Sandvig here.

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