Meet Lasse Uldahl Borch - Host at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager

04. Dec. 2017
Line Juhl Kronow

Lasse grew up at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager when his parents were hosts there. Learn about his recommendation for a good holiday in Denmark.

Name: Lasse Uldahl Borch

Host at: Danhostel Copenhagen Amager

Number of years at Danhostel: 31

Where were you born and raised?
I was born in Roskilde but grew up at Danhostel Copenhagen Amager. I love everything about Copenhagen and Amager.  For example, the unique nature we have at Amager Fælled with lots of wildlife and amazing areas where I played as a kid, and where I now bring my own boys on a bike ride to catch tadpoles in the lake or for a toboggan ride.

We are only 4 km from Copenhagen, so it's easy to enjoy the best of both worlds.  Malou (my wife and partner) and I are happy for the good life we enjoy which includes shopping and good restaurants.

Where in Denmark did you spend your last holiday?
The whole family spent a few days in Aarhus.  It is a fantastic little big city, with a touch of the things I love in Copenhagen and Amager. Aarhus has great parks where we could burn some energy, but also great museums, etc. where all in the family can find something to enjoy.

We stayed at Danhostel Aarhus, which is beautifully situated in the middle of Riis forest.

Where is your favourite place in Denmark to spend your holidays?
The scenery around Kalundborg has always fascinated me. The fields and the hilly terrain showcase Denmark’s beauty.

Which location in Denmark would you like to visit that you have never been to before?
I would like to visit Sønderborg and do some ring riding.  I have heard many exciting stories about that.

What is the best thing about holidaying in Denmark?
The best part is that you can always drive to your destination.  I'm one of those people who like to spend time driving.  I enjoy being with Malou and our boys when we are together in the car, especially when we go on holiday. When I drive alone, I get time to relax, clear my head or think about new ideas and projects.

What would you like to say to those who do not normally spend their holidays in Denmark?
TEST IT! There are so many different experiences around Denmark and the scenery is amazing!

What is the best thing about being host at a Danhostel?
It is clearly all the different people you meet. They are here to experience something - whether it's nature, sights or maybe they are here for a conference.  You can only experience my work day at a few places.

If you could mention ONLY one thing about your hostel, what would it be?
OUR STAFF! Without them we were nothing and our guests' experience would only be a good bed to sleep in without the warm hospitality we all enjoy giving.

Which Danhostel would you recommend to our guests?
I have always thought that Danhostel Helsingør has one of the country's best locations.

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