Nakskov – More than just Rural.

15. Nov. 2017
Line Juhl Kronow

Nakskov is located on the outskirts of Denmark, but that is not too bad because the area has a lot to offer. The hosts at Danhostel Nakskov's know all the popular attractions that are close by.

In 2016, Nakskov Fjord was named one of 5 nature parks in Danish Natural Parks (Danske Naturparker is a quality label which encourages outdoor recreation). When you stay at Danhostel Nakskov, you can experience the amazing scenery - up close and personal.  Sail on one of Denmark's fjords with its 10 islands and islets, cycle or walk along Nakskov Fjord, Femern Bælt and the Baltic Sea, or walk on the trails from Nakskov to Rødby Harbour and observe both rare and rich plants and bird life.

Gourmet and Farm Shops

Danhostel Nakskov is also very central if you want to experience "Denmark's pantry," which produces and supplies the finest raw materials to restaurants, for local consumption and export.  For example, visit Frederiksdal, located approx. 10 km from the hostel. Here they make one of the country's finest cherry wine which has won several international awards.  Visit Knuthenlund - just 19 km away - with its amazing organic meat and famous organic, award-winning cheese. Both places have shops where you can purchase products.

Nakskov Town

Danhostel Nakskov is just 2 km from the town centre.  Nakskov, one of the oldest market towns in the country, celebrated its 750th anniversary in 2016. Its church, large waterfront and old alleys, testify to a town with a long history. Today's Nakskov also has several museums, restaurants, cafes and cosy streets with specialty stores.

Experiences Close By

Lalandia in Rødby is about a half hour drive and so is Knuthenborg Safari Park. There are many good possibilities for experiences in Nakskov and the surrounding areas. When you are in Nakskov, you are so close to Rødby, so why not take a little trip to Germany and do a bit of shopping?

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