Canoe Holiday in beautiful natural surroundings

Danser med Drenge, Buffet and Accommodation

Stay includes buffet, a concert with Danser med Drenge and accommodation

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Yoga Camp 2019

Hold your Yoga Holiday in Denmark and enjoy more than 40 Different Classes and Instructors!

Hostel profile Danhostel Skanderborg
Date from 2019-05-01
Date to 2019-10-01
Telephone 86511966

Spend time on the Lake and at Danhostel Skanderborg.

Go on a canoe adventure with the family on Skanderborg Lake. This is Jutland's second largest lake, with several creeks and cosy niches where you can enjoy your picnic baskets or order one form us at Danhostel Skanderborg to bring on your trip.

It is also possible to book a weekend stay which includes free use of a canoe.

Call us at +45 86511966 or email us at for more information.  We look forward to seeing you.