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Date from 2019-09-28
Date to 2019-09-28
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Telephone 81401644

Enjoy a package which includes dinner buffet, concert with Danser med Drenge, accommodation and breakfast buffet.

You are invited to a concert with Danser med Drenge on Saturday, September 28, 2019, at 8 pm. This will be Danser med Drenge's 23rd concert since their debut in 1993 so we look forward to a party in Vejen. Some of their popular songs include ‘Hvor længe vil du ydmyge dig?’, ‘Aldrig undvære dig’, ‘Er der nogen i himlen?’, ‘En dejlig morgen’, ‘Tag godt imod ham’, ‘Grib chancen’, ‘Kære Lillesøster’ and ‘Griber du mig når jeg falder?’

Enjoy a buffet before the concert and spend the night just 200 m from the concert venue. The next day, start off with our breakfast buffet, then spend the rest of the day in our Leisure Centre - Vejen Sports and Leisure Centre - and enjoy our fitness centre and SPA.

The price per person is 850 and includes a dinner buffet, a ticket to the concert with Danser med Drenge, accommodation and breakfast buffet.

This offer is on a first come-first served basis and can be booked via email or telephone.