Par Force Hunting Landscape in North Zealand was added to UNESCO’s list in 2015.

    Why A UNESCO Choice?
    The Sites which are on UNESCO's World Heritage list are not necessarily important to tourists.  Many believe that the area designated for Par Force Hunting in North Zealand is just an ordinary Danish forest. The selection, however, is justified because it is unique and represents a well-preserved example of how European Baroque landscaping values were applied to achieve a manmade landscape of value and significance.  Par Force Hunting Landscape in North Zealand was added to UNESCO’s list in 2015.
    In the 1680s, while visiting Louis XIV at the Palace of Versailles, Danish King Christian V was inspired to transform the Great Deer Park (Store Dyrehave), Gribskov Forest, Jægersborg Deer Park into a landscape for par force hunting by developing connecting roads across the area. The concept was designed by creating a pattern of stars surrounded by squares, as in a baroque garden and was a magnificent expression of the power of the king over nature. Learn about Par Force Hunting in North Zealand here.

    What to See and Experience at Par Force Hunting Landscape in North Zealand
    The Par Force Hunting grounds are located just 30 km from Copenhagen.  The hunt is no more, but nature, forest and tranquillity exist in this unique star system in North Zealand.  Examine carefully the 8 different paths which emerge from the centre at Great Deer Park and hunt instead for wild blueberries, raspberries and lovely places to enjoy the day.

    Many Reasons to Visit
    Bring the gang – family and friends – and tour the hunting grounds, but also enjoy the contents of your picnic basket as you take in the beauty of the forest and go berry picking.

    Other Attractions Nearby
    Fredensborg Castle is only a few minutes by car from the Great Deer Park and is an obvious choice when you are in North Zealand.  Tour the beautiful Castle, the lake and the Baroque garden.

    Danhostels are Close By
    Danhostel Hillerød is located just at the edge of the Great Deer Park and not very far from Danhostel Roskilde, Danhostel Frederiksværk, Danhostel Helsingør and the Copenhagen Danhostels.

    Secret Tips

    • Hike, cycle or go horseback riding through the forest to the hunting grounds where the 8 roads meet and find burial mounds, and the stone walls built by King Christian IV.  See how many crooked beech trees you can find.
    • Combine the trip with either a visit to Kronborg Castle or Roskilde Cathedral and see two or three UNESCO sites on the same day.

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