New owners of Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard will open the historic hostel for several types of guests

    27. Mar. 2019
    Anette Price

    Twins Kim and Kate Falden, along with their spouses, will take over as hosts at Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard at the turn of the year.  They will renovate the hostel while respecting the style and history of the building. The renovation will utilise the scenic surroundings better, so that in addition to groups, school camps and families, in the future the hostel will also host meetings, conferences and events.

    “For many years we have dreamed of running a bed and breakfast or a small hotel. Suddenly, the historic hostel was put up for sale, and we turned up,” says Kim Falden, who at the turn of the year was handed the keys to the old manor house, where the hostel has been housed for the past 60 years.
    According to the four new owners, the hostel will continue to provide accommodation for groups, school camps and families, but the new owners will also take advantage of the historical and scenic surroundings so that Kragsbjerggaard will also be a future location for meetings and parties.

    “Kragsbjerggaard must be a natural part of the positive development that Odense is now experiencing,” says Kim Falden.
    The four new owners of Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard have great plans to renew and develop the place and in the coming years will make the hostel more up to date. Kim Falden adds, “The renovation will take place in a gentle manner with respect and consideration for the style and history of the place. We will start by renovating the beautiful old main house, which in the future will form the setting for both conferences, company events, confirmations and weddings. We also plan to renovate some of the rooms on the other side of the house and install private bathrooms.” He emphasizes that the number of beds will be the same, but that some of the rooms with bunk beds will be divided into several smaller rooms.

    For the four new owners, buying Kragsbjerggaard was a huge step. Three have quit their previous job in the real estate industry, while the fourth has taken leave as a health nurse so that together they can realise their long-standing dream of running an accommodation location. In addition to the renovation plans, they aim to focus greatly on educating people about the old manor house, which dates back to 1747, when the house, Kragsbjerggaard, was built.

    “People like to stay in a historical setting, and we can offer that. Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard is a manor house in the middle of a big city,” says Kim Falden.

    Danhostel's director Ole Andersen looks forward to working with the new owners of Danhostel Kragsbjerggaard. Ole Andersen says, “We are really happy to welcome the four new owners to the Danhostel family. All four come with good, solid backgrounds, and I am convinced that with their background and commitment they will create growth and development which will benefit both Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard and the local community. I also look forward to being part of the good community among the Danhostel hosts. I am convinced that the experienced and skilled hosts we have in the chain today will be good sparring partners for them and that they will be able to add new knowledge to the chain from their previous work. I look forward to working with the four new owners and welcome them warmly to Danhostel.”

    For more information and information contact:
    Kim Falden, owner of Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard, tel. 42 41 52 30 or e-mail:
    Ole Andersen, Director, Danhostel, phone #: +45 21 79 64 00 or e-mail:

    Fact about Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard:
    The hostel is housed in a former manor house which dates to 1747 and today is a modern accommodation location for tourists, school classes, course guests, groups, etc.

    Danhostel Odense Kragsbjerggaard is part of the 65 hostels associated with the Danhostel (2018)
    137 beds
    32 rooms
    dining room
    Lovely enclosed courtyard and a small forest with plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities
    Free parking, wireless internet
    Under the manor house is Odense Bunker Museum, a former command centre for Odense Municipality during the Cold War.
    The place is visited every year by 5000 museum guests
    Located only 2 km from Odense City Centre

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