Roskilde Cathedral was added to UNESCO’s list back in 1995.

    Why a UNESCO Choice?
    Roskilde Cathedral was added to UNESCO’s list back in 1995. The cathedral was chosen because of its unique architecture; not because it is the burial place of many Danish kings and queens. This is one of the earliest examples of Gothic architecture in Northern Europe and is the highlight of Danish architecture as this was the first Gothic cathedral built of brick.  The cathedral and its surroundings have been in constant change for hundreds of years, yet it has been possible to create a harmonious atmosphere.  For Danes, the cathedral has great cultural and political significance.

    What to See and Experience at Roskilde Cathedral
    Take a walk around the cathedral’s beautiful brick exterior and look up at the impressive twin spires.  Inside, examine the royal crypts with beautifully designed chests of marble and alabaster.  The upper floor of the cathedral houses a small museum and overlooks the nave.   There are many frescos which decorate the walls.  How about taking a view of the cathedral’s altar and the clock with mechanical figures which dates to the 15th century?

    Many Reasons to Visit
    You will be impressed by this UNESCO site.  There is much to see.  Immerse yourself in all the details and bring your camera or a drawing pad to capture a few images of this fascinating cathedral.

    Other Attractions Nearby
    The Viking Ship Museum, located within walking distance of Roskilde Cathedral, is worth a visit. Roskilde Square and town are also nice for short walks and the peaceful harbour by The Viking Ship Museum is worth seeing.

    Danhostel Nearby
    Danhostel Roskilde is situated in the middle of Roskilde Harbour next to the Viking Ship Museum and is within walking distance of Roskilde Cathedral.  If you are staying at one of the Copenhagen Danhostels, you can take the train to Roskilde from Copenhagen Central Station (30 minutes) and walk to the cathedral in about 10 minutes.  By car, the ride takes about 20 minutes.

    Secret Tips
    • From the church, you can walk on cosy streets, through a park, and reach the harbour and the Viking Ship Museum.
    • Bring your wide lens camera to capture this huge cathedral in one shot.

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