Danhostel Sønderborg City anmeldelser

    Lejrskole, DK
    9,17 ud af 10

    Savner, at der ikke er en reception, og dermed en lettere kontakt til personalet, som der var få år tilbage.

    Lejrskole, DK
    7,08 ud af 10
    Lejrskole, DK
    5,42 ud af 10

    Hi Danhostel,
    The ambiance is good and the rooms are spacious, however, the cleanliness was not good. The rooms and toilets were not cleaned properly. There was used swimming gear on one of our beds and water leakage in room no 28. We were shifted to room no. 35 where there was thick dirt on one of our beds. I have a picture if you would like.
    We expected our rooms to be next to each other as our children are younger (10 to 12 years old). We hope that next time this can be made possible.
    It would have been nice if there was someone at the reception to contact if we needed something.
    The dining area is good and the food was also really good. Thank you🙂