6. Jun. 2017
Joy Smith
The three Copenhagen Danhostels are the first hostels in Denmark and Europe who have taken the initiative to focus on sustainable foods - foods made from selected insects.
2. Jun. 2017
Joy Smith
Not only is Danhostel Copenhagen Amager located in green surroundings, they think green. Their mission is to maintain an environmentally friendly and sustainable hostel. They have chosen to be a climate partner with DONG Energy because they realise how much they and future generations will benefit from sustainability.
29. May. 2017
Joy Smith
Copenhagen has many bridges which link different parts of the city and surrounding areas. So whether you drive, bike or walk, you can get to your destination quickly because there is a bridge conveniently located near where you want to go.
24. May. 2017
Joy Smith
No matter the rain, wind and cold, CPH STAGE 2017 can provide entertainment which will make you forget the weather. So, what events can you expect? Here are just a few of the performances.
24. Apr. 2017
Line Juhl Kronow
Knud Hansen, host at Danhostel Ebeltoft and managing director of Ebeltoft Sports Centre, certainly does not intend to sit still for the next couple of years. However, he expects them to be the last for him in the labour market.
5. Apr. 2017
Line Juhl Kronow
After only one week, Emil and Mikkel Trier's video about bullying has been seen more than 25,000 times, received more than 1,300 likes and over 600 comments.
29. Mar. 2017
Joy Smith
A holiday is not always about cramming all the sights into one trip. If you enjoy your trip, you will want to come again and again, so save some sights for later.
6. Feb. 2017
Joy Smith
You can find little nibbles in Copenhagen, but you just have to look in the right places.
18. Jan. 2017
Joy Smith
If you would like to spend your holiday in the Nordic cities, you will be happy to know that visitors can travel on a budget using these tips.

More Releases

29. Sep. 2014

To spearhead the new ambitious strategy, Danhostel hired Ole Andersen as Director on October 1, 2014. Since the beginning of 2014, Ole has operated his own consulting firm, and for 14 years previous to that, he was the Sales and Marketing Director for Wonderful Copenhagen.

3. Dec. 2013

Danhostel Sport: The Place For You and Your Club Dec. 3, 2013 Press Release