Danhostel Aarhus

    If Jylland is the place that you’ll be visiting, we highly suggest that you take a closer look at Danhostel Aarhus. With its unique location amongst the trees of Riis Skov forest, this little hostel provides plenty of opportunities for you to enjoy a quiet and relaxing stay while not having to travel far to explore the city of Aarhus. It is not difficult to see why The New York Times placed Aarhus as the 13th city in a list of places that you have to visit in 2016, the city is undergoing heavy changes, which is quickly transforming it into a cultural capital. It is no secret that it is a special place to be and a beautiful one too, with multiple landmarks that you just have to see for yourself like The Old Town, many museums and the internationally recognized ARoS Aarhus Art Museum.
    The city is full of cool stuff to check out and do, so many in fact that it would take more than just a few lines of text to write it all down!

    If you’d like to experience this understandably popular part of Denmark for yourself, then this hostel provides the perfect starting point for your adventure! The charming hostel is housed in a unique building and is quite old, it was built all the way back in 1869 and is located in the town of Risskov just north of Aarhus. Within walking distance, you’ll find loads of local cafés, art galleries and beautiful scenery. The combination of city and quiet surroundings makes this hostel very popular among customers at Danhostel, and the beach is within five minutes of walking distance as well!