Cycle Route Berlin-Copenhagen

06. Dec. 2013
Joy Smith

Enjoy cycling, Denmark and its scenic surroundings, and Berlin while you cycle at your own pace.

The Cycle Route, Berlin-Copenhagen, provides a unique experience.  A large part of the Danish route goes along the coast, so you can enjoy the Danish nature.

The route is divided into 3 regions; South Denmark-Copenhagen, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern and Brandenburg-Berlin. The whole journey is about 630 km, plus a short boat trip. The route connects the two cities, Copenhagen and Berlin, and allows you an opportunity to enjoy unspoiled nature, discover new places and enjoy different experiences.

The tour takes about 10 days, depending on how long you choose to cycle each day, and how many stops you make on the way. Many good experiences await you on the 3 routes.

There are 14 Danhostels located on the famous Bike-Berlin-Copenhagen route. They are:

Danhostel Copenhagen Amager

Danhostel Copenhagen City

Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj

Danhostel Ishøj Strand

Danhostel Køge

Danhostel Faxe

Danhostel Store Heddinge

Danhostel Roskilde

Danhostel Næstved

Danhostel Vordingborg

Danhostel Nykøbing Falster

Danhostel Sakskøbing

Danhostel Nakskov

Danhostel Møns Klint

Book your stay at any of our hostels at  We will do our best to provide you with all the information you need from start to finish.

Here is a link to the famous Berlin-Copenhagen-route on their official website:

Enjoy your tour and let us hear your experiences.



All Can Stay at the Monastery - Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster
| Line Juhl Kronow

Experience history when you spend the night near the Limfjord at Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster.

Take an Unforgettable Underground Adventure at Mønsted Limestone Mine
| Line Juhl Kronow

It is hard to believe you are in Denmark when you visit breathtaking Mønsted Limestone Mine. Located close to the town of Viborg, Mønsted Limestone Mine has been converted to an exciting attraction with sound and light installations.