Danhostel Copenhagen City Collaborates with Luggage Hero

09. Sep. 2016
Line Juhl

Danhostel Copenhagen City is now partner with Luggage Hero and offers travellers the opportunity to store luggage 24/7.

Leave Your Luggage 24/7

Leave all your accoutrements at Danhostel Copenhagen City and enjoy the City without the excess baggage. Many are happy for this option - for example when they check out at 10 am, but do not fly until later.

Storing luggage is not an unusual service for Danhostel Copenhagen City.  Therefore, it does not matter if luggage belongs to Danhostel’s guests or other visitors to Copenhagen.  The offer is extended to anyone who can use the service.  Danhostel Copenhagen City sees this as a great opportunity for potential and future guests to see the facilities and amenities when customers store luggage at this central location.

Danhostel Copenhagen City is the largest hostel in Scandinavia.  There are 16 floors, a cosy bar called Bar50, and a delicious breakfast buffet each day. You get free Internet, free walking tours of Copenhagen, a great location, fantastic views of the city and harbour, and so much more.  There are more than 1,000 beds in nearly 200 rooms, and all rooms have private bathrooms.

Luggage Hero uses only certified locations, so they guarantee that your luggage will be in a safe place until you are ready to collect them.  You can book when you arrive in Copenhagen, or reserve a place to store your luggage before you come. Choose which option is best for you.

Welcome to Copenhagen!

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