Danhostel Hasle has a New Host

09. Feb. 2015
Joy Smith

Marian Lundh, who owns and operates Danhostel Boderne, has entered into an agreement with Peter Hjorth Hansen, owner of Danhostel Hasle to manage Danhostel Hasle.

Since the spring of 2014, Marian Lundh has been the Host of Danhostel Hasle.  When former host, Miriam Kaas Hansen, became ill, Marian stepped in as her replacement. Her management skills have proven to be a great success, and under Marian’s tenure, most schools which held camp at the hostel in 2014, have again booked for 2015.  As a result, in January 2015, Marian Lundh became host of Danhostel Hasle. 

Marian Lundh has managed Danhostel Boderne for the last 13 years, and is a board member of Danhostel Danish Hostel Organisation.  She will manage both Danhostel Hasle and Danhostel Boderne, with the goal of creating a profitable business.  Both hostels are located on the beautiful island of Bornholm.

Danhostel Hasle is located next to the sea in Hasle.  The hostel has 19 rooms and about 70 beds. Danhostel Hasle has, since 2009, experienced strong growth, with approximately 5,000 overnights per year.  In addition to school groups and other guests, the hostel has been a venue for meetings and parties.  The concept is to charge a fixed price for food, services and facilities, but allow guests to bring their own drinks. This has been a phenomenal success and Danhostel Hasle is now a popular location for festivities.  The concept will continue under Marian Lundh.

The town of Hasle has made significant investments by constructing a new activity park with barbeque, cable car, swing, basketball and beach volleyball facilities, a new harbour for swimming, and a sauna.  Danhostel Hasle has welcomed these improvements since they provide more activities for locals of, and visitors to Bornholm.  Danhostel Hasle rents bicycles for biking trips around the island.

Danhostel Boderne is located in scenic surroundings on the southern coast of Bornholm. This is the ultimate spot for a great holiday.  The hostel has 20 rooms, most of them en-suite, each with a private terrace. There is a large garden with trampolines, chess, and table tennis.  In the summer months, cosy barbecues are held on the large terrace with live music on most occasions.  One of the island's most superb beaches - perfect for swimming - is just 300 m from the hostel.

Bornholm, a municipality of Denmark, is aptly described as the pearl of the Baltic Sea.  It is the area of Denmark with the most light.  It is a small island with granite coastlines and good roads.  One of the best ways to tour the island is by bicycle.  Bornholm has many attractions such as Hammershus Castle Ruins, the largest medieval fortress in Northern Europe, and various round churches.  There are many lovely beaches. Smoke houses sell various types of seafood, and a special smoked herring dish called ‘Sol over Gudhjem’- smoked herring with a raw egg, served on rye bread.

Visitors from Denmark to Bornholm arrive by ferry or plane.  From Køge, Denmark, the ferry sails to Rønne, Bornholm. Vehicles are allowed on the ferry, and the overnight trip is approximately 7 hours. Ferry service from Ystad, Sweden to Bornholm is also available.

Marian Lundh looks forward to getting better acquainted with the staff and operations at Danhostel Hasle.  The main objective is to offer guests a great experience and maintain customer loyalty.

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