Danhostel Langeland - A Gem on Long Island

26. Jan. 2015
Joy Smith

Danhostel Langeland, formerly Danhostel Rudkøbing, is one of 83 hostels under the Danhostel brand.

Danhostel Langeland is located in a beautiful rural area in the city of Rudkøbing. This cosy hostel with its tranquil atmosphere is only 250 metres from the walking street, restaurants and marina.  It is a 3 star hostel with 9 rooms and 5 apartments.  There is a camping area with room for 35 campers. Danhostel Langeland is a great starting point for trips to the island of Funen, which is linked to Langeland by Langeland Bridge.

How do the new owners of Danhostel Langeland, Marianne and Sonni Christiansen, feel about their acquisition of the hostel? They said the following:

“We have been campers since our boys were small. During our trips around Denmark, we looked for a cosy place we could call our own.  This we found on Langeland.  Danhostel Langeland will be renovated so we can offer accommodation, a venue for parties, one-day meetings, as well as traditional school camps.  Our main objective is to create a viable framework and let the guests do the rest.' 

We emphasize that our hostel is a relaxing and lovely place to be. It is a cosy retreat, combined with a campsite; a place where you notice your guests, and they quickly become a part of the community at both the hostel and campsite. We look forward to being a part of the Danhostel brand.”

Langeland is a long, narrow island located between the islands of Lolland and Funen. It is a beautiful island with fantastic scenery, forests and beaches.  There are hills, wild Exmoor horses and bird sanctuaries. Cycling, sailing, diving, riding, golf, swimming are activities available on the island and the beach is only 1 km away from the hostel.   Boat trips are available.  

There are many attractions on Langeland.  Langeland Fort, once a part of Denmark’s defence during the Cold War, is a popular tourist attraction, and is now part of the Cold War Museum.  Skovsgård Manor House is worth a visit. Take a trip to the museum in the basement, view the nature workshop, and see how people lived and worked at the manor house. 


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