Danhostels Choose the Green Route

15. Sep. 2016
Line Juhl

Last week we talked about Danhostel Copenhagen Amager, which along with energy partner, Dong, care for the environment and the nature which surrounds them. This is a general trend among several of our Danhostels. Danhostel Frederikshavn City is no exception.

Through a unique collaboration with Trade and Industry North (Erhvervshus), Mariendal Electrics and BDO, Danhostel Frederikshavn City is now focused on energy efficiency, which benefits guests, the local area and operating profits. "We see ourselves as a local ambassador who would like to make a difference for our guests, but also for the environment. We love and cherish our local area,” says Danhostel Frederikshavn City's popular host, Ole Hust, who also engages the local area through his work as a board member for Turisthus Nord (Tourist House North), Top of Denmark (Toppen af Danmark) and Frederikshavn Business Association. Because of his work as an ambassador, the inspiration for energy optimization began. "It gives a great feeling that we are no longer an energy guzzler, but we can all support Frederikshavn’s important Energy Vision for 2030," adds Ole Hust.

Here are some of the initiatives, Danhostel Frederikshavn City has implemented to protect the environment:

Energy Conservation - but not at Guests’ Expense

Through the use of an air/heat pump used to heat common areas, one for heating water, as well as replacement of LED light sources, electricity consumption has been reduced drastically. This benefits the environment and at the same time improves guest comfort.

Water Conservation

Through the use of water-efficient showerheads, dual flush toilets and water-saving nozzles on all fittings, water consumption has been considerably reduced.

Positive Energy Spreads

Danhostel Frederikshavn City’s staff love what they do and they want you and your family to experience a relaxed, cosy and homely atmosphere.

Guest Comfort - Number 1 Priority

It is not without reason that Danhostel Frederikshavn City in 2014 received the award as Host of the Year from Danhostel.  Guest satisfaction is a major priority for Ole Hust. "At Danhostel, we create a relaxed, cosy and homely atmosphere for our guests because guest comfort plays a great role in the chosen initiatives,” says Ole Hust.

Read more about Danhostel Frederikshavn City and book here.

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