DID YOU KNOW? Danhostel Vordingborg Educates the Young

13. Dec. 2017
Line Juhl Kronow

Danhostel Vordingborg has room for 56 students, all of whom are educated in cooking, cleaning and service. Here, four training courses are offered and there is room for 17 students to live on site.

Danhostel Vordingborg is run by TAMU, an institution which offers vocational education based on real production and services.
Good Service is the Key to Success
Danhostel Vordingborg has many diligent young people who work hard and thus provide top-notch service. Guests at Danhostel Vordingborg give the hostel and staff a rating of eight out of ten.
Guests Reviews
A guest writes, "We were a family of 20 with children of all ages. We had a whole wing for ourselves. It worked perfectly and the service we received upon arrival was superb. It is a lovely place in lovely surroundings. "
Another writes, "Lovely, super, flexible service. Good food and plenty of nice surroundings and facilities. "
Education which Makes Sense
TAMU offers an education with a job guarantee and young people receive education and training they can put to good use.  If they show a willingness to work and complete the entire program, TAMU will help them to find a job. 
Danhostel Vordingborg is an ideal base for education in the service field and offers not just a place for students but provides accommodation for backpackers, large groups, camps, courses and companies. There is thus a wide range of tasks to be performed every day.
Danhostel Vordingborg is happy to have a unique hostel which makes a difference in the lives of young people who come to work after graduation. After all, it is Danhostel's way of showing social responsibility.
You can also have a good overnight stay and at the same time support youth education when you book at Danhostel Vordingborg.
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