Five Myths About Danhostel

30. Sep. 2016
Line Juhl

There are many myths about Danhostel. What do you believe? Do you know anything about our rooms, beds, bathrooms, breakfast, or customer groups?


"All Danhostel have ONLY shared rooms and bathrooms."

FALSE! 59 of our Danhostels have rooms with private bathrooms.



"Danhostel provide accommodation ONLY for young people and backpackers."

FALSE! Danhostel provide accommodation for people of ALL ages.  Our largest customer group is families with children.  Also, many pensioners and senior citizens love our large, comfortable rooms, which are quite affordable and most of which have private bathrooms.



"At Danhostel you MUST bring your own bed linen and towels"

FALSE! It is possible to rent bed linen and towels at every Danhostel. The cost for bed linen and towels is approximately 65 DKK. HOWEVER, you still have the option of bringing your own sheets and towels to save a bit of money. We think the most important thing is that you have options.



"At Danhostel you get poor or no breakfast"

FALSE! It is possible to have breakfast at EACH Danhostel! Many specialise in making homemade jams and freshly baked bread every morning. Many make their own muesli and organic products. What do guests write about our breakfast buffets?  

Birthe, Danhostel Gjerrild:

"Lovely food at dinner buffet and a very delicious and very versatile breakfast buffet."

Elsebeth, Danhostel Silkeborg:

"5-star breakfast. Breakfast matches the best of the best at 5-star hotels. "

Lone, Danhostel Kolding:

"Great breakfast buffet."



"Danhostel have ONLY old wooden bunk beds with thin mattresses. "

FALSE! Our Danhostel hosts have long since discovered that we are in 2016, so the majority have modern, comfortable beds and mattresses. While we still offer bunk and wall beds, all our beds meet the highest standards.  They are safe, simple to operate and very comfortable. And as the pictures show, those with acrophobia can still sleep “close to the ground".



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