Five Tips for a Successful Holiday with your Friends

    Joy Smith

    Holidays are great occasions to spend time with your friends. Why not take a trip together to another country? Such a trip requires a bit of planning. Just think: you could have a holiday packed with experiences and activities that you will remember forever! Keep in mind though; friends don’t always see eye to eye, so here are a few tips for a relaxing, fun and memorable holiday.

    1: Take a Short Holiday

    Limit your first trip together to just a few days to see if you like being up close and personal with each other. At home, when things get awkward, you can always choose to give your friends the needed space. However, when you travel together, that might not be so easy.

    2: Prepare and Plan 

    Meet together before the trip and use some time to prepare some basic, but necessary guidelines. Who is best with maps, who is good at planning activities, what if someone disagrees with the arrangements, etc?  Allow time for some to go off on their own if they wish to do so. 

    3: Lower Your Expectations

    Forewarned is forearmed.  Accept that stuff will and can happen, and be mentally prepared.  What if your friends snore, don’t observe quiet times, hog the shower, or stay up late and wake up when you are ready to go out the door? Bring patience with you or cultivate some en route.  Whatever you do, be prepared to give in now and again.  If you let off too much steam, it will just be considered hot air.

    4: Spend Quality Time Together

    At a Danhostel, you can stay in the same room or dormitory, so book your accommodation together.  Check out some of the offers and discounts to see if you can save some money.  You have many meal options.  Eat a healthy breakfast at Danhostel, buy lunch or dinner and eat at a cosy café or restaurant, or sit in a cosy park nearby. There is always a well-equipped communal kitchen at Danhostel.  This is a great way to experience cooking together, or to show off your skills.  How about some games together in the lounge or living room?  Ask reception about free activities in the area. A bicycle tour or other sightseeing adventures might be just the thing to get you all excited.

    5: Bring Some Entertainment

    Some of your trips may be longer than you expect, so bring a few games to entertain yourself or to share with others.  Make sure your mobile phone is fully charged and remember to pack your charger.  

    Enjoy your holiday!  

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