Guide to Ebeltoft - The Laid Back Town

    Visit the Beautiful Nature and the Laid Back Town

    There is a reason why the City of Ebeltoft grows from 6,000 inhabitants to 60,000 in the Summertime.

    The laid back town and its surroundings in the south of Djursland, called "The Nose of Denmark," is one of the unique attractions in Denmark. With its old town hall, the frigate "Fregatten Jylland", the naturally beautiful areas of Mols Bjerge, Ebeltoft Vig and Kalø Vig, and some of the best beaches in Denmark. Ebeltoft offers some of the most varied landscape for tourists in Denmark. will try to help you by suggesting a few attractions during your stay in Ebeltoft.


    Danhostel Ebeltoft

    Danhostel Ebeltoft offers the perfect place to stay in Ebeltoft. Danhostel Ebeltoft was recently renovated and offers its guests a new guest kitchen, new fireplace, library, several group and conference rooms and a new restaurant. The view of the bay from the hostel is fantastic. From the hostel, a path leads to the old part of Ebeltoft city, where cosy streets, shops, cafes, monuments and other attractions guarantee an experience out of the ordinary. All together the amenities give you the perfect reasons to stay in Ebeltoft.

    Danhostel Ebeltoft is run by Ebeltoft Sports Centre, and allows its guests the use of the large swimming pool and 400 square metre fitness centre. This hostel is a popular choice for sports enthusiasts, athletes and active families.

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    Ree Park

    Visit the African Savannah, the North American Prairie and the South American Pampas in the middle of Denmark. Ree Park - Ebeltoft Safari offers the unique possibility to see animals from five different continents in the scenic surroundings of the park.

    Ebeltoft Museum

    Ebeltoft Museum is in fact several museums in Ebeltoft and its surrounding area. In 2007, the museum changed its name to Museum for Syddjurs. The museum was founded in 1909, and one of its most popular attractions is the Old Town Hall. It is Denmark's smallest town hall, and offers exhibitions on Ebeltoft's history as well as visits to the old dungeon.

    Fregatten Jylland

    Fregatten Jylland - Worth a Visit

    The world's longest wooden ship lies quietly in Ebeltoft harbour, where it has been fully restored in the Ebeltoft dry dock. The ship is a large frigate surrounded by a museum, a cafeteria, a shipyard for wooden ships and the lightship Fyrskib XXI. On board Fregatten Jylland you can hear the timber creak and inhale the strong odour of wood and tar. From here you have a fantastic view of the bay of Ebeltoft Vig with the beautiful hills of Mols Bjerge in the background.

    Kalø Vig Slotsruin

    Kalø, formerly an island but today a peninsula is a unique natural beauty. Here you can see the ruins of Kalø Castle. The Castle was first built around 1313 by the Danish King Erik Menved to control the people of the area and defend it against intruding foreign powers. The most famous guest was the Swedish King Gustav Vasa, who was a prisoner here in 1519. Experience all the history by taking a stroll to Kalø from the parking lot near the Castle.

    Grenaa Strand

    One of the Beautiful Beaches near Ebeltoft

    There are many beautiful beaches near Ebeltoft, but Grenaa Strand, a 7 km (4.3 mi) long white, sandy beach, is one of the best. Grenaa Strand was named Jutland's best beach in 2006 with the best facilities, best sand, best water and the best beach for children.

    Glass Museum

    The Glass Museum

    Ebeltoft is in fact the glass making capital of Denmark. The best way to experience this craftsmanship is to visit The Glass Museum of Ebeltoft, which has a very famous collection of international modern art made of glass. The museum expanded in 2006, and in the workshop you can see glassblowers at work. You can buy articles made by both famous Danish and foreign craftsmen.


    Meet the Sharks at Kattegatcentret

    Only a short drive from Ebeltoft, you can see 2,5 m (8.2 ft) sharks, sting rays and plenty of other exotic fish at the Kattegat Centre in Grenaa. Here you get very close to many unusual species by using the special glass tunnel, which brings you within centimetres of the big sharks of Kattegatcentret. The tunnel takes you straight through the water, and gives you the impression that you are on the bottom of the sea. You can also feed the seals, sleep with the sharks and see the rugged rocky shores in the oceanarium.

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    Danhostel Esbjerg has a New Hostess
    Line Juhl Kronow

    Sally Due Sperling will be the new hostess at Danhostel Esbjerg on January 1, 2020. She will replace Marianne and Børge Bull who will say goodbye after 23 wonderful years as hosts at Danhostel Esbjerg. Sally is not a stranger to Danhostel as she is the current hostess at Danhostel Kolding and will say goodbye at the end of 2019.

    Danhostel Ebeltoft has already implemented 4 of the 17 UN World Goals

    In the spring of 2019, the Danhostel brand published a manifesto and new strategy to implement the 17 UN Sustainable Goals over the coming years. Several Danhostels have already embraced many of the initiatives. Danhostel Ebeltoft has already implemented 4 of the 17 World Goals.