Guide to Møn - With One of Denmark's Five-Star Attractions

    19. Aug. 2013

    Møns natural beauty

    The natural beauty of the small island of Møn is one of a kind in Denmark.
    Møn has a five-star attraction, The Møns Klint (Cliffs).  Many of Møn's attractions are in one way or another connected with nature on or around the incredible cliffs.
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     Møns Klint

    Møns Klint is one of the most fantastic places in Denmark. The 6 km (3.7 mi) long chalk cliffs are a striking landmark, and the surrounding areas have other attractions including Klinteskoven (Cliff Forest), Jydelejet, Høvblege ­ Mandemarke Hills and Liselund Park.
    With all the natural beauty here, it is recommended that you spend a full day at the Cliffs of Møn.

     GeoCenter Møns Klint
    One of the biggest attractions on Møn is the GeoCenter Møns Klint, a time travel experience through 70 million years, where technology, the interpretation of artists and rare fossils take you from the bottom of the ocean to the unique nature atop the chalk cliffs, Møns Klint. Exhibits comprise the geological ages, the present, a workshop, glacier cinema, the climbing cave, a special dinosaur exhibition and a 3D cinema.

     Boattrip around Møns Klint
    It is possible to see the white cliffs from the seaside or take the boat from Klintholm harbour and experience the beauty of Møns Klint. This trip is very popular, so reservation is necessary.

    Stege Castle
    Visit the charming town of Stege, the biggest town of Møn, and view its half-timbered houses and narrow streets. The town's history goes all the way back to the Middle Ages, when it became a market town in 1268. Take a trip to Stege Castle, a medieval castle built in the Romanesque style in the 13th century. Many of Stege's plants are medicinal in nature and stem from the Middle Ages. 

    Møn bolcher - Møn Sweets
    Møn Bolcher taste like a dream
    Møn Bolcher is a candy factory which makes sweets from traditional recipes. Throughout the year, children can make their own lollipops with guidance from the candy makers. They sell a variety of delicious sweets and offer free samples after each production.

    Kalvehave Maze Park
    Just before the bridge to Møn is Kalvehave Maze Park. The mazes are challenging for all ages, and the children might be quicker than the adults to find their way through them. Both inside and out there are various puzzle games and brain teasers you can try to solve.

    Danhostel Esbjerg has a New Hostess
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    Many Danhostels are Open all Year Round 2019 - 2020.
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