Holiday with Nature and Culture at Danhostel Skagen

27. Jul. 2015
Frida Quist Rasmussen/ Translated

Would you like a holiday which offers the perfect blend of nature, culture, amazing surroundings, plus a smiling and friendly staff who create a great atmosphere? If yes, then Danhostel Skagen is the place for you!

Danhostel Skagen is located at the top of Jutland.  The hostel is open from March to December and has 24 rooms; half of which are en-suite. Rolf Hauge, the host at Danhostel Skagen, has the best humour and maintains a great atmosphere.  There is room for everyone, a common TV room, a playground, and of course, a delicious and hearty breakfast served each morning.

Nature and Culture in One

There is definitely a reason why Skagen is so famous. Its unique light, beautiful scenery, and Grenen, where the Kattegat and Skagerrak meet, are just some of the reasons to visit.  If you want culture, a trip to Skagen Museum and Michael and Anna Ancher's House will give you a feel of why so many Scandinavian painters - called the Skagen Painters - gladly availed themselves of the opportunity to paint in this picturesque town.

Skagen Museum

Skagen Museum originated in the dining room of Brøndum's Hotel, which was a hub for the Skagen Painters who needed a permanent venue for their work.  Hotel owner, Degn Brøndum, some of the Skagen artists, and others, formed the first board.  According to Skagen Museum, "The aim was to gather the works of the Skagen painters and to raise funds for the construction of a museum."  Brøndum's dining room - in its entirety - became one of the Museum’s exhibits.

Previously, only a limited amount of the Museum’s collection could be displayed because of limited space.  That has changed.  Skagen Museum added an extension which allows for more of their extensive art collections to be available for public view.

Always Worth a Visit

Danhostel Skagen is worth a visit. A cosy hostel and a safe base for a holiday full of culture and nature. Why not try it?

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