The Hostel in the Middle of Everything

    Kåre Welinder

    Danhostel Vejle is close to both the town and nature, and is spiced with charm and personal service. The location is the perfect base for the area's many attractions.

    Along the garden in front of Danhostel Vejle is a bike path. If cyclists take a left, it takes 15 minutes to get to the centre of Vejle. If they choose the route to the right and go through the tunnel under Highway 28, then in half a minute, they are out in the middle of Vejle with all its grandeur - large beech trees, rolling hills and the beautiful Haraldskær Manor from 1434 – and end up near a winding Vejle River to the west.

    Easy access to Everything

    There is easy access to everything, so there is a demand for the bikes Danhostel Vejle rents to guests.  The hostel offers many amenities to the many cycling tourists who stay throughout the year at the beautiful hostel located on the outskirts of Vejle.

    Previously, Danhostel Vejle was located at Exit 61 on Highway E45, but the facilities here were far from what the hosts Lars and Charlotte Andersen expected when they took over eight years ago.

    "If we had moved closer to the centre, we would not have had the external facilities we have today. We know our guests appreciate that they can barbecue, go to the playground or take a walk in the woods, and we see this as a mark of quality that many guests are repeat customers,” says Charlotte Andersen, explaining that the bike path also connects the hostel with the Coast to Coast route, by bicycle or on foot, and goes from Blåvandshuk to Vejle and Bindeballe Trail.  The 23 km traffic-free zone connects the centre of Vejle with the old Bindeballe Farm, which since 1897 has been a central meeting point between Bindeballestien and Hærvejen at the Jutland Ridge.

    Charlotte Andersen says studies show that 90 per cent of the guests at Danhostel Vejle arrive by car, so they do not mind that the hostel is slightly outside of Vejle. On the contrary, the location makes it possible for Danhostel Vejle to provide the facilities for successfully meetings and courses, while others choose the cosy hostel as a base to visit the attractions nearby.

    Read more about Danhostel Vejle here:

    Beautiful Scenery, Legoland and Givskud Zoo

    "People choose us because we are centrally located, and it's easy to get around. Most of our guests are families, and it could be because we are so close to Givskud Zoo and Legoland. The two locations are chosen by the guests before hand, so we try to influence them to take advantage of the many free attractions and the beautiful scenery in the area such as Deer Park and River Valley, among others, which are part of Denmark’s biggest nature attractions," says Charlotte Andersen.

    Many families use the holidays to get closer to each other. They are completely relaxed, go for walks holding hands, watch TV and surf the internet. They talk together, spend time with each other, and have ample opportunity to do these things at Danhostel Vejle.  Each day, Charlotte Andersen does her best to ensure that there is always a relaxed environment at the hostel.

    "We are not so big, so we do our best to have a personal relationship with the guests, and one of the things we are good at, is that we remember people. We care about what they're doing, and because many guests are repeat customers, we always remember to ask about the grandkids, work and everything which concerns them. We can feel people really like us,” says Charlotte Andersen.



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