What are the Differences/Similarities between Danhostels and Hotels?

    09. Mar. 2016
    Joy Smith

    What are the differences between our Danhostels and hotels? We are asked this question frequently. There are amenities and advantages you can enjoy at a Danhostel, which you will not get at a hotel.

    At our Danhostels:

    • There is always a fully equipped guest kitchen, so you can make your own meals and save on the food budget.
    • There are large rooms with space for the whole family.  You can usually book a room even if you are a family with grandparents and up to four children.
    • You decide whether you want to purchase breakfast or make your own. 
    • Breakfast is an optional purchase, so if you only need a room, there is no need to pay for breakfast.
    • The living room, playrooms and common areas are for use by guests. Many hotels limit guests to their room and the lobby. At Danhostel, there is enough room for backpackers, groups, children and families to relax together.
    • You can bring your own towels and bed linens and save money by paying only for your room.
    • Host/hosts live close by and have great knowledge of the local area, the best attractions and all the activities available. Some hosts live onsite and share meals with their guests.
    • It is still possible to book a bed in a shared room during high season.  You get a true ‘backpacker atmosphere’, meet new people and form new and lasting friendships.

    What are the similarities between our Danhostels and hotels?

    • There are box mattresses, comfortable beds and large, delicious breakfast buffets.  Two-thirds of all Danhostels have rooms with private bathrooms.
    • Thirty Danhostels are certified course facilities with meeting rooms, AV and other modern equipment, and offer package deals for meetings and accommodation.
    • Many Danhostels cater to guests who need a training camp, as some hostels are either part of a sports and fitness centre or are close to such.
    • Many Danhostels welcome large groups, families and school camps.
    • All Danhostels have modern rooms for events and functions.
    • Some of our Danhostels allow guests to bring their dogs.

    Next time you go on holiday, school camp, courses, training, or need a venue to hold a party or function, why not book a Danhostel?

    Danhostel Esbjerg has a New Hostess
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    Sally Due Sperling will be the new hostess at Danhostel Esbjerg on January 1, 2020. She will replace Marianne and Børge Bull who will say goodbye after 23 wonderful years as hosts at Danhostel Esbjerg. Sally is not a stranger to Danhostel as she is the current hostess at Danhostel Kolding and will say goodbye at the end of 2019.

    Many Danhostels are Open all Year Round 2019 - 2020.
    | Line Juhl Kronow

    Many Danhostels are open all year, while others are closed only between Christmas and the New Year. Below is a list of the Danhostels where you can book accommodation out of season and during winter.