Kommandøren og kaskelotten

    En cykeltur på historiens vingesus forbi kommandørgårde og vadehav
    The “The Commander and The Whale” route takes you to the beautiful Rømø, which can only be experienced by bike or on foot. The route goes through cliff lands and near beautiful flower beds as you cycle from Havneby through the small villages, past historic sights, exciting museums and other beautiful natural experiences.

    As part of the 26 panoramic routes in Denmark, there are good opportunities for dining, special experiences and accommodation. You can stay at Danhostel Rømø, where the hosts welcome you to the charming commander's house from the mid-18th century. Visit the museum, Kommandørgården, and view the gigantic sperm whale’s skeleton. Get a taste of the wonderful Wadden Sea area which invites you to participate in various outdoor activities.
    Visit Lakolk Beach and cool down, or enjoy the contents of your picnic basket before heading back to Havneby.

    “The Commander and The Whale” route is worth the ride if you want to experience beautiful Rømø and you are not afraid of huge sea mammals and a little wind in your hair.

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