Cycle Routes in Denmark

    Hop on your Bicycle and Experience Denmark by Bike
    Experience the fantastic Danish landscape by bike and enjoy your ride on one of the many exciting scenic cycle routes. These cycle routes provide the best opportunities to enjoy exciting adventures, pleasant accommodation and unique sights along the way. Each route offers a round trip tour so you can start or end wherever you choose. Even though Denmark is flat, the routes also include hills, dunes and sometimes, unforgiving west winds. Many of the routes are safe for children. There are usually short distances between the towns and cities on the routes, so you can always park your cycle and get some refreshments if you so desire.


    Magnificent views, peaceful surroundings, black and white chalk, mud, Cold War, thermal stones, Rødvig, Stevns Cliffs and Store Heddinge | Approx. 42 km cycle routes.

    The trip around Jungshoved is a romantic experience. The bikes cycle quietly under the beech trees and there is a view of the calm blue sea from the Peninsula’s hilltop. | Approx. 35 km cycle routes.

    ‘Out of breath’ is the best description of this panoramic route which leads you through Denmark’s most mountainous natural surroundings at Møns Cliffs (Møns Klint). See magnificent views of the cliffs and the sea. | Approx.18 km cycle routes.

    The Tour around Guldborgsund goes by Manor Houses, Beech Forests and Villages. | Approx. 44 km cycle routes.

    Imagine long stretches, sharp turns and downhill slopes through villages, past the pumping station, go-cart course and cool playgrounds. | Approx. 18 km cycle routes.

    This is a cycle tour in the "Steps of the Vikings." Bike past traces of the Viking era at Ribe and see how people lived with nature for centuries. | Approx. 28 km cycle routes.

    This cycle route takes you through Bogland – a land with moss, heathlands, dunes, moors, and fantastic nature. | Approx. 49 km cycle routes.

    Experience the best of Rømø. See places that can be only experienced from two wheels. Ride on good cycle paths through beautiful dune landscapes. | Approx. 29 km.

    The hard, flat heath lies under your wheels as you cycle through the unique Danish landscape at Vejers Strand and Oksbøl. | Approx. 20 km.

    Come close to lots of birds as you ride on the cycle path with Lake Filsø on your left and right. | Approx. 20 km.

    This route takes you through the best views of the North Sea and Nissum Bredning, where the history of the region is told in the coastal landscape. | Approx. 44 km.

    An exciting challenge when you oppose the forces of nature in the form of high tides, sand drifts and boisterous west wind at Agger, Hurup and Vestervig. | Approx. 43 km.

    On this cycle route, your trip will be close to nature’s wonders such as the breeding waterfowls at Præstø Fjord | Approx. 36 km.

    The panorama route "Discovering the family" means ice cream on the beach, sensory games in the woods, tidal meadows, gnarled trees and the beautiful island of Nyord. | Approx. 29 km.

    The trip goes up and down on quiet roads through small villages past half-timbered houses, beautiful hollyhocks, and great activities along the way for children. | Approx. 42 km.

    Come close to the stillness of rural life as you cycle from coast to coast on the island of Falster. | Approx. 39 km.

    Experience the island of Bornholm and its fantastic nature with your fingers on the handle bar and the wind in your hair. | Approx. 103 km

    Cycle in Denmark and Germany and experience the story of Tønder and the impressive royal Castle, Schackenborg. | Approx. 41 km.

    Experience Denmark’s largest migrating dune in Skagen as you cycle around the “Green Lake,” Gårdbogård Sø, which is now used for agricultural purposes. | Approx. 38 km.

    This is a cycle tour at Vendsyssel's highest hilltops with impressive views of land and sea, and many exciting activities along the way. | Approx. 44 km.

    Exciting experiences await you on this route which takes you by the sea, fjord, and along the dunes and fields at Nymindegab and Ringkøbing Fjord. | Approx. 42 km.

    A cycle tour with views of Danish birdlife as you cycle through the distinctive West Jutland landscape by West Stadil Fjord | Approx. 27 km.

    Come close to Danish wildlife as you cycle around Nørre Vorupør at National Park Thy. The tour is packed with natural pearls and cultural-historical sights. | Approx. 44 km.