På toppen af verden

    Fantastiske udsigter over klint, hav og vild natur.
    As the name suggests, you will use your legs, lungs and energy on this route as you cycle along winding roads and hilly landscapes. A large part of this route offers fabulous views of the cliff, sea and nature from the hilltop. In addition, when you discover parks, lakes and the monuments which adorn the beautiful Danish landscape, you will agree that the rewards are well worth the trip as they make the route more manageable.

    There are many opportunities to park your bicycle and fill your water bottle along the way. On this route, you will ride by the bicycle-friendly road church Magleby Kirke, the beautiful Klintholm Estate (Klintholm Gods) or Klintholm Harbour (Klintholm Havn). The tour also takes you past the awesome cliffs, Møns Klint, where you can visit the popular Geocenter Møns Klint Experience Centre with interactive exhibitions that explains the geological processes which have shaped Denmark.

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