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Danhostel Rødding

Accommodation at Danhostel Rødding located in South Jutland

If you would like a low-priced holiday in South Jutland - for a few days or weeks - and enjoy many exciting opportunities, stay at Danhostel Rødding. Danhostel Rødding, located in the oldest folk high school, is part of Danhostel Rødding Centre.  Both are under the same roof. We offer 6 cabins with private bathrooms. Heating, electricity and final cleaning are included.  Please remember to leave the room clean and remove linen from the beds.

Start your holiday with a movie in our cinema which has two halls, swim at our water park, eat dinner in our Café Goma and end the day by challenging your friends and family to a game of bowling. When you stay with us, our swimming pool and fitness centre are free of charge during normal business hours.  Our hall, and playroom with several games are also free of charge and is available for use on a first come, first served basis. On arrival at our Danhostel, you get a free "Be Happy Pass" for LEGOLAND in Billund which offers experiences and surprises for the children.

Please note that there is no kitchen in the center!

Rødding Centre

Rødding Centre (known as Rødding-Hallerne until 2003), is an organization which has developed over the years. In 1964, a group of citizens led by C. Kamedula ran the town’s first sports centre using volunteers. Ten years later, C. Kamedula and the citizens again spearheaded another project using voluntary labour to build a swimming pool at the Centre. Apparently, this is the only swimming pool in Denmark which was built using voluntary help. The work continued and in 2003 with the addition of a cinema, library, youth club and Local History Archive. Physiotherapy and wellness treatments came later, as well as the addition of cabins in 2018. Danhostel Rødding Centre is a sports and cultural centre for people of varying ages and interests, so if you need an active holiday and reasonably priced accommodation, choose Danhostel Rødding and Rødding Centre. You and your family are guaranteed an enjoyable stay.


The folk high school’s history, the area around the river called Kongeåen, plantations and the sculpture Trold are exciting experiences. The area of Vejen offers several unique cultural and historical offerings and paints a wonderful picture of the region. Rivers, meadows, plains, valleys, beech forests and shallow lakes are just some of the beautiful sights. Enjoy these natural surroundings on foot, by bicycle or water. Find inspiration for active holidays and experiences inside and out. Discuss your plans for the day over our large breakfast buffet, which you purchase in our Café Goma.  It is served in our Bio Café.

Rødding and Rødding Højskole  

Rødding Folk High School (Rødding Højskole) is located just 300 m from the town centre.  It was founded in 1844 and is Denmark's oldest and the world's first folk high school.  After a few difficult years, it reopened in 1920. Originally, the building was a manor house.  Though there have been several renovations over the years, the original style has been maintained. It is surrounded by a large, beautiful park which is open to all. Tours of the folk high school are possible for large groups, so book an appointment.

The town of Rødding offers many opportunities including special shops which sell clothes, jewellery, books, office equipment and more. We recommend that you book dinner at the town’s hotel.

Border History and Tour of Foldingbro

Immerse yourself in the history of Foldingbro, the small border town with a fascinating history. From 1864 to 1920, Foldingbro was one of the busiest border crossings between Denmark and Prussia (Germany). The city experienced phenomenal growth as it was home to two inns within 250 m of each other, two customs services and two police forces – one on each side of the river Kongeåen!  Use your smartphone, take a walk in Foldingbro and discover the border town’s hidden history.


Visit the scenic area of Jels.  Discover this natural pearl with three lakes which reflects the beech trees in the water.  There are many opportunities for activities or relaxation. The area has several trails and routes so you can walk, sail, cycle or fish.  A round of golf is also possible.  Enjoy the tranquillity and re-charge your batteries. Take, for example, a morning dive at Jels Harbour Bath (equipped with new bathing bridges and changing rooms) regardless of the season to improve your circulation and get a good start to the day. Sail in your own canoe or kayak on Lakes Jels Nedersø and Jels Midtsø.


Ribe is Denmark's oldest town and lies only 15 minutes from the town centre. The area is beautifully situated close to marshland, Ribe River, the Kammer Sluice (Kammerslusen) and the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Wadden Sea National Park. Ribe Cathedral, built at the beginning of the 12th century, rises majestically over the old town in Ribe and can be seen from a distance. In 2014, Ribe won the title of "Europe's most beautiful, small town". Learn more here.

Come and visit us. For more information regarding accommodation at Danhostel Rødding, please contact us at +45 7384 5400 or email us at rodding@danhostel.dk.

Address and contact info

Søndergyden 15, 6630 Rødding
+45 7384 5400
Klaus Svendsen

Opening Periods

01/01 - 31/12(Tid)


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