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Danhostel Sandvig

At Danhostel Sandvig on Bornholm, you get budget accommodation at a popular Danhostel no matter the length of your stay or the number of guests. Line Juhl and Peter Kronow provide accommodation at reasonable prices and welcome groups, school camps, single travellers, craftsmen and anglers. There are twenty-seven family and double rooms with private bathrooms. When you stay at Danhostel Sandvig, you are at the northernmost point of the island, in Sandvig, which has charming houses, lively cafes, and cosy restaurants. We serve a delicious breakfast buffet each morning, with freshly baked bread, assorted cold cuts, cheeses, jam and more. There is a patio with a covered terrace and grilling opportunities. There are football games, a ping-pong table and a climbing wall for the adventurous in the courtyard.

Sandvig is a lovely town, with many attractions, restaurants and cafes.  Many tourists enjoy the beautiful scenery, sandy beaches and the town’s charming half-timbered houses. Have an unforgettable experience at the waterfront when you view the sunset over the area called Hammerknuden. Visit the cosy harbour just a stone’s throw from our Danhostel. Venture a bit further out to a former smokehouse where you can buy the island's best homemade ice cream. The historic Hammershus Castle ruins and Moseløkkens Quarry Museum are close to our hostel. There are many activities such as kayaking, abseiling, cycling and hiking at Hammerknuden for active tourists in North Bornholm. Walk on the scenic route by the water and feel the sea breeze on your face.

Denmark's longest zip line at Opalsøen - within walking distance of Sandvig - is two hundred and ninety-three m long. It starts from a height of fifty m and reaches a maximum speed of seventy km. If you are an angler, Bornholm is the place to catch a variety of fish, such as cod, trout, salmon, etc.

There are several gourmet restaurants and other eateries which offer meals at reasonable prices. If you like seafood, many smokehouses serve seafood buffets. Because of the island’s size, it is easy to get around by bicycle or car. There are various activities and experiences such as the round churches, the water park, Brændesgårdshaven, Butterfly Park, Technical Museum and the birds of prey show called Rovfugleshow. Visit the glass blowers, toffee and candy factories, homemade chocolate shops, pottery workshops and museums. Tee off at one of the four 18-hole golf courses on the island.

An overnight stay at Danhostel Sandvig in North Bornholm presents many opportunities to experience Bornholm’s soul and charm. To book accommodation, please email Danhostel Sandvig at sandvig@danhostel.dk.

Address and contact info

Langebjergvej 12, 3770 Allinge
+45 5648 0980
Line Juhl og Peter Kronow

Opening Periods

01/03 - 13/12(Tid)


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