Oplev naturens kræfter

    En spændende og udfordrende cykelrute
    Experience the powers of nature while cycling on this challenging cycle route through historic villages and landscapes characterized by drifting sand, west winds and high Ice Age hills.

    When you stop pedalling, see how the residents have adapted to the harsh conditions so close to the coast and the strong west winds. Start the route at "The Black Houses" (“de sorte huse”) in Agger and learn about the area's exciting history.

    Afterwards, the route presents fresh challenges in the form of hills and valleys as you ride through villages, see the sights and visit museums. Tour places such as Bonbon Museum in Svankjær, or learn about the unhappy love story between Prince Buris and Liden Kirsten, who are buried at Vestervig Church. Throughout the trip there are good opportunities for dining, accommodation and special experiences.

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