Rovfuglenes rige

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    Go on an adventure in the “Kingdom of the Birds of Prey” and get as close as you can as they fly and hunt in the area. Skagen is one of Denmark’s best locations for birds of prey, and it is not unusual to see up to 20 different species on a glorious spring day.

    The route goes by Hulsig where roads and railways were first built in the 1800s. Today, the area is a popular summer holiday destination due to its proximity to the coast and Skagen. Venture out on Denmark’s popular hiking tour when you visit Råbjerg Mile. Here more than 3,5 million cubic metres of sand is buried in 20 metre sand piles.

    All in the family can enjoy the trip to Tuen and Ørnereservatet, where you can see large birds from Scandinavia, Africa, Asia and Siberia. The tour continues to Gårdbogård Sø, which was the largest lake in North Jutland 130 years ago. The lake was emptied to make room for cattle and grain and is now one of Denmark’s best agricultural land.

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