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Danhostel Faxe

Danhostel Faxe is close to the town centre and overlooks the splendid blue lakes at Faxe Limestone Quarry.  Stay one or two nights in this idyllic spot in the middle of the South Zealand countryside.  At Danhostel Faxe, we accommodate about 82 guests in 22 rooms, most of which have private bathrooms.  We offer free Wi-Fi, free parking, a TV lounge, barbeque areas, laundry facilities, and a well-equipped guest kitchen.  Our hostel is course certified, so there is room for all who want to relax or hold events. 

Stay at Danhostel Faxe and visit Europe's largest and most beautiful limestone quarry at Faxe Limestone Quarry. Stand on a 63-million-year old sea, where sharks, crocodiles and squids swam among lovely corals. Their fossils helped to form the limestone quarry we see today. Be adventurous and rent a hammer and chisel at the museum, or go fossil hunting with a guide from Geomuseum Faxe. A visit will be unforgettable.  Learn more about many fascinating discoveries at the neighbouring Faxe Geological Museum.

The name Faxe means horse's mane. In the town centre, there is a sculpture of the mythological horses Rimfaxe and Skinfaxe. The area around Faxe offers a wealth of excursion opportunities, and you can stroll through Faxe Town Centre and do some shopping.  Visit the monument and Nikoline’s small half-timbered house in Nørregade where Faxe Brewery opened in 1901. Nearby attractions in this scenic region include the stunning beach at Feddet, Faxe Ladeplads Mini Town and Park, Bonbonland in Næstved, Camp Adventure in Haslev, Paragliding Club (Svæveklubben) in Kongsted, Trines House, Blåbæk Mills and several mansions. Check out the modern double cinema close by, especially if the Danish weather takes a turn for the worse.

Enjoy a grand tour of Denmark's oldest and best-preserved Renaissance castle, Gisselfeld Monastery which can be traced back to 1370; however, the current buildings were built between 1547 and 1575 by Peder Oxe. The name is a bit misleading because Gisselfeld Monastery was never a monastery.  It was a castle used for defence with ring wall, drawbridges, arrow slits and a moat. Today Gissenfeld Monastery is one of the largest estates with 3,850 ha of land.  Annually, over 40,000 visitors come to enjoy the area, the beautiful castle park with many carp ponds and the botanical garden.

Enjoy the tranquillity of Southern Zealand at our Danhostel and end your day with delicious old-fashioned ice cream at the hostel's ice cream shop and plan the next day's trip to BonBon-Land.

Stay at Danhostel Faxe and experience our customer service. If you have any questions, please contact us by telephone at +45 5671 4181 or email us at faxe@danhostel.dk.

Address and contact info

Østervej 4, 4640 Faxe
+45 5671 4181
Morten Romme / Charlotte Henriksen

Opening Periods

02/01 - 20/12(Tid)
02/01 - 20/12(Tid)
02/01 - 20/12(Tid)
02/01 - 20/12(Tid)


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