New Video from Danhostel Faxe
19. Nov. 2018
Line Juhl Kronow

There are many reasons to visit Danhostel Faxe. In the video below, you will see 1 of the 3 most important reasons - LOCATION. The other two are our STAFF and the healthy and hearty MEALS we prepare.


See the new video from Danhostel Faxe below which shows our unique location.

Come and meet Danhostel Faxe's fantastic staff who work in a protected environment.  Get the story on this amazing workplace and the workers with special needs who will make sure that your stay is a happy and memorable one.

Enjoy the delicious food and the good service that Danhostel Faxe offers.

Learn more about Danhostel Faxe here.


Three Videos about Danhostels in Denmark
| Joy Smith

Danhostel is a member of Hostelling International, which covers over 3,300 hostels spread across 89 countries around the world. Danhostel, as the largest hostel association in Denmark, is part of Nordic Hi-5 - an exciting collaboration between hostel associations in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

Danhostel is Open All Year Round
| Line Juhl Kronow

Many people see Danhostel as a place for summer vacations, and school camps in the spring and autumn. But in fact, there are many Danhostels that are open all year round. Thus, again this year there are several Danhostels, which will be open during the Christmas holidays. This gives you and your family the opportunity to stay in comfort in peaceful surroundings.