Why a UNESCO Choice
    Stevns Klint (Cliffs) is relatively unknown and most confuse it with Møns Klint (Cliffs). Stevns Klint, however, is unique and was added to UNESCO World Heritage List in 2014. The cliff contains historical information and traces of the asteroid which hit the Earth and caused global disaster and mass death. The drama triggered one of the greatest crises, killing many life forms, including the dinosaurs. Many museums around the world exhibit fossils taken from Stevns Klint.  Learn more about Stevns Klint here.

    What to See and Experience at Stevns Klint
    The cliffs and the beautiful beach with the black round flint stones are a must see. Bask in the peaceful surroundings and listen to the sound of the water lapping on the rocks. Højerup Old Church literally hangs on the edge of the cliff. The oldest parts of the church originate from about 1250. The church is built into the rock, so you can safely walk to the lookout point in the heart of the church and gaze at the cliffs and the sea.

    Many Reasons to Visit
    You will find a variety of attractions at Stevns Klint.  From below, view Højerup Old Church which juts out of the cliffs and then walk along the cliffs from Bøgeskov to Rødvig on the footpath called Trampestien and watch the migrating birds fly overhead.  There is also a playground available if any children are with you on the trip.

    Other Attractions Nearby
    A trip to Stevns Fort is recommended.  Take a guided tour underground and discover military equipment that was used to protect Denmark from its enemies.  Afterwards, check out Bøgeskov Harbour with its lovely beach and marina, Stevns Lighthouse, Stevns Nature Centre at Mandelhoved and much more.

    Danhostels are Close By
    Danhostel Store Heddinge is just a few km from Stevns Klint and it is a good starting point to see the areas nearby. If you choose to stay at Danhostel Faxe, you will get a rare opportunity to see Stevns Klint and Faxe Limestone Quarry (Faxe Kalkbrud) on the same trip.

    Secret Tips

    • Bring something to eat for all in your party when you visit Stevns Klint as there is only one restaurant nearby.  For those with a desire for ice cream, there is a shop close by.
    • If you drive, please note that only paid parking is available at Stevns Klint.

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