Drama on the cliffs

    Go on a Cycle Tour Through History with Danhostel
    Ride through Denmark’s history when you experience Stevns Cliffs (Stevns Klint). Here you will encounter evidence that dinosaurs once walked on the earth. Take in the views beyond the Baltic Sea or follow the guide for an underground view of Stevns Fortress. Purchase your tickets at www.stevnsfortet.dk/english and reserve your spot on the tour. Visit Rødvig, an active little harbour town with excellent fishing possibilities and a marina where you can buy freshly caught fish.

    The tour also takes you to the countryside where you will cycle past the old medieval farm, Gjorslev Farm. Stop and see the moat and shooting range which date back to the 1400s. The last stop on your tour is Store Heddinge. Take a well-deserved break here and have something to drink at one of the cosy cafes available.

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