Bornholm rundt

    Oplev Bornholm fra cykelsadlen
    There is no better way to experience Bornholm and its beautiful landscape than with your hands on the handlebar and the wind hitting your helmet. Bornholm shows the best side of Denmark via two wheels.

    The trip takes you past the town of Hasle where your cycle route was once a rescue path. Taste the smoked herring or park the bike a take a dip in Hasle Harbour Bath before continuing to the idyllic village of Helligpeder. When you visit the towns of Gudhjem and Svaneke, you get to learn more about Bornholm’s history. Visit the round churches which are a hallmark of the island.

    The cities, towns and attractions are close together, so you can tour the entire island in one day using the cycle-friendly paths.

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