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Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster

Stay at Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster, a historic gem located in West Himmerland at the Limfjord.

Spend the night at one of Northern Europe's oldest monasteries, a unique building which provides a cosy setting for tourists and course participants. The facilities are characterized by a mixture of grandeur, quality and simplicity. We are the perfect location for your overnight stay near the Limfjord in Ranum.

Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster has 19 rooms, each with a private bathroom. We offer use of our guest kitchen, free parking and free Wi-Fi.  Our private beach located on the west coast of the Limfjord overlooking the island of Livø, is just a 5-minute walk from our hostel door.  Behind the monastery is a large forest with beech and other deciduous trees, and close by is Uhrehøj Plantation where you can hike or use mountain bikes on marked routes.  Vilsted Lake, the largest freshwater lake in North Jutland and West Himmerland, is within walking distance of Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster.  As you walk along this 450 ha. lake or cycle around it on the 20 km trail, you will discover the monastery’s Hereford cattle and sheep grazing peacefully in various areas.

Experience the Middle Ages through taste, smell and sound every October when we host a large medieval market with activities for adults and children.  Over several days, you will get a chance to enjoy performers who juggle and do conjuring tricks, fighting knights, characteristic melodies from the Middle Ages and taste medieval food.

Stay at Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster during the Christmas season and experience our Christmas market. The entire monastery will be decorated with spruce, lights and more, and you will have the opportunity to purchase all types of gifts and accessories such as handmade Christmas decorations, jewellery, paintings, blankets, knitted items, glassware and ceramics.  In addition, you can buy paintings, wine, chocolate, and organic fruit and vegetables. During the Christmas market, the gates to the monastery will be open so you can see our beautiful medieval rooms.

Besides being a Danhostel and a tourist destination, Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster is also a modern educational venue. We are run by the Education School's Labour Market Education, TAMU, which is a nationwide education system for vulnerable young people, so they can gain a foothold in the labour market. The young adults maintain the monastery, take care of the animals and landscape, prepare meals and run the hostel while undergoing training. While here, you quickly realise that Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster is a piece of Denmark's history, but also a trendy place to be.

When you stay with us, you get free admission to the monastery’s famous herb garden.  Visit in the summer months and be inspired by the variety of flowers and herbs.  Spices and herbs have been grown on the property for 850 years. The herbs were brought to Vitskøl with the Cistercian monks who founded the monastery and the garden in 1158.  For hundreds of years, the food and herbs were used for cooking and medicine. Today, the cultivation of herbs is a trademark of Vitskøl and visitors can experience horticulture in our three greenhouses, as well as the unique architecture and botany of our five gardens:

• Sct. Gallenhaven, a copy of an old Swiss monastery garden from the year 826.

• Apothekehaven, where all the medicinal plants are systematically arranged in 7 hexagonal gardens.

• Herb garden with different herbs and other specialties.

• Scented garden with signs for the visually impaired.

• Spice garden with over 60 different herbs, bushes and trees that can be used in different dishes.

Learn more about Danhostel Vitskøl Kloster by viewing our pictures and videos, then book your stay with us. We look forward to seeing you.

Address and contact info

Viborgvej 475, 9681 Ranum
+45 5135 7765
Kim Frost

Opening Periods

01/01 - 31/12(Tid)
01/01 - 31/12(Tid)


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56.869, 9.21369

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