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Danhostel Brande

Danhostel Brande is in the centre of Brande, close to the train station and boutiques. Here you will find a modern hostel, where Dina Nielsen and Jess Hansen provide beautiful rooms and bright meeting locations for all guests. Danhostel Brande is particularly popular with families who love nature, and course participants who want to combine education with refreshing walks along Brande River.

Danhostel Brande is housed in the old Brande Hospital, which in 1915 was run by H. C. Hagedorn, the doctor who later founded Novo Nordisk. It was here on these premises that Dr. Hagedorn, who had a diabetic father, started his diabetes research. Today the site is a Danhostel. It is our aspirations that the buildings can again attract interesting people and generate growth in the city.

The town of Brande is quite charming with inspiring murals and exciting shops.  Brande dates to the year 800, where farmers used the slash and burn method to cultivate the land. At that time, there were only a handful of farms and a vicarage, yet Brande gained a name that has lasted ever since. A stroll through the town reveals its historic past. Visit, for example, the beautiful whitewashed Brande Church from about 1175 and imagine the stories that would be told if the old walls could talk.

While in the area, do not miss a trip on the Road, Hærvejen, formed by ice 15,000 years ago.  Go on a day trip or two and discover how Jutland’s 250 km long ridge from the German border to Viborg forms a continuous trail system.

The newly renovated Danhostel Brande is in the old Brande hospital buildings, so this modern hostel offers a unique atmosphere in the heart of Jutland.  All rooms are equipped with TV and wireless internet, the restaurant has an elite smiley – a favourable food handler’s report.  The hosts are always happy to tell the story of the buildings' medical ancestry, which laid the groundwork for Novo Nordisk.

When you are in the centre of Brande, you are close to the city's commercial and trade centre, Remisen, and many Mid-Jutland attractions.

Take a trip to Legoland, Givskud Zoo, Harrild Hede Nature Centre, or see the gorillas at Safari Park. If the weather permits, relax under the palm trees at Palmesø beach on the outskirts of Brande.

Book affordable accommodation at Danhostel Brande online, contact us at +45 21260786 or email us at mail@brandevandrehjem.dk.

See you soon at Danhostel Brande.

Address and contact info

Dr. Arendsvej 2, 7330 Brande
+45 2126 0786
Lars Jensen og Martin Blomstrand

Opening Periods

01/01 - 31/12(Tid)


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