En cykeltur på søen

    En smuk cykeltur langs kysten og over dæmningen på Filsø
    Bike across Lake Filsø and see the reflection of the sky in the huge lake on both sides of the bike path, while the birds murmurate above you.

    This is a lovely bike ride which takes you along the coast and across Lake Filsø. The lake was once Denmark’s second largest lake, but since the mid-1800s, it was reclaimed for cultivation and shrunk from 2000 to 45 hectares. After a unique restoration project, Lake Filsø is now the 6th largest lake in Denmark with marshlands and meadows, plus many opportunities to watch the birds feed.

    After leaving Lake Filsø, the landscape changes to reveal dunes and heath plantations. On the road you will discover Denmark's highest dune, Blåbjerg Dune Plantation (Blåbjerg Klit). Ride carefully. Reap the results of your efforts when you get to the top and experience the beautiful views.

    The route ends in Henne Strand, where you can eat, sleep and relax.

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