Eventyrlig idyl

    Smukke og bakkede landskaber langs snoede veje igennem grønne bøgeskove
    This cycle route offers views of beautiful, hilly countryside as you enjoy views of the ocean from the hilltop, or ride on winding roads through the beech forest. The tour takes you to the romantic market town of Præstø, where you can view beautiful houses or visit the small modern harbour at the bottom of Præstø Fjord. Admire the beautiful scenery, plus various experiences along the fjord.
    Have lunch, then walk in Hans Christian Andersen's footsteps at Christinelund; a place he visited several times. On the trip you can also go to Hans Christian Andersen Teaterpark which offers daily theatre performances about his fairy tale universe.

    Continue to the northernmost point called Jungshoved, where the old lighthouse still stands, and where history still turns. The trip then goes south to Stavreby Harbour (Stavreby Havn), Denmark's smallest fishing port, which was once famous for its eel fishing.

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