Den kongelige marskrute

    En cykeltur på historiens vingesus
    The Royal Marshland Route takes you from Tøndermarsken - Denmark's largest meadow of approx. 2500 hectares - to the German border. When you visit Rosenkranz/Rudbøl, you can stand with one leg in Denmark and the other in Germany. The tour takes you to the town of Tønder, where you can grab a cup of coffee or a Danish pastry at one of the cosy cafés. Cycle past Tønder-Rømø Tourist Office if you need information or inspiration for the rest of the trip.

    Visit Schackenborg Castle, once home to Prince Joachim of Denmark, located in the beautiful village of Møgeltønder. Park your bike and walk on the beautiful cobblestone street, Slotsgade, which was mentioned in one of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales. On Møllevej you will find an exhibition about the Guldhornerne - the two German horns from the iron ages which were discovered in 1639 and 1734.

    Cycle through the area of Højer, and try sausages at either Højer Pølser or Marsk Pølser. Park your bike in the area called Højer Mølle, which since 1857 has served as the town's landmark, and enjoy the naturally beautiful surroundings.

    This great route through marshland and idyllic villages is great for the whole family.

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