Naturens skattekammer

    Tag på opdagelse i mosebissernes land
    This route runs near the coast in the town called Blokhus and takes you to the countryside, where moss, dunes and other landscapes cover the countryside. Cycle along the winding asphalt roads, long stretches and dirt roads and explore the bogland.

    As you ride near fields, small farms and open heathland, you will discover a rare natural habitat for reptiles, insects and birds. When you arrive in the town of Tranum, visit the small forest playground or take a trip to the gallery. In Fosdal, there are great hiking routes and outlook points, where you can leave the bike for a while, relax and enjoy a picnic.

    The route, “Nature’s Treasury,” is especially designed for those who want to experience Denmark’s natural beauty from the cycle path. To avoid the strong winds, instead of cycling from Blokhus to Fosdal, try cycling from Fosdal to Blokhus.

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