Ice Skating in Copenhagen

Ice rinks are set up in Copenhagen during winter months and have become popular attractions for tourists and locals. This a fun and healthy way to enjoy your Christmas day in Copenhagen! There are five ice rinks in Copenhagen during winter at the following locations:

Frederiksberg Runddel

This location is open all day.  Bring your own skates. If you need to rent a pair, you’ll have to pay 50 DKK. Great for kids as well because of its relatively small size.

Toftegårds Plads

Normally located at Kongens Nytorv in the heart of Copenhagen but has been moved to Toftegårds Plads in Valby because of metro construction work. Rent skates for two hours for only 45 DKK.

Genforeningspladsens Skøjtebane

The biggest ice rink in Europe with plenty of space for both adults and children. You can rent skates for just 50 DKK an hour or 75 DKK for two hours.


A popular ice rink probably due to the charming location near leafless trees and snowy fields. Bring your own skates as skate rental is not available.

Fisketorvet Shopping Mall

This indoor ice rink is located in the Fisketorvet Shopping Centre near Dybbølsbro train station. It is open in weeks 1-7 and rental of skates cost only 20 DKK.

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