The King's Garden

    The King's Garden was completed in the 1720s by Danish architect Johan Cornelius Krieger. The Garden was inspired by the French Baroque style and originally had straight paths and square shapes.  Sometime at the start of the 1800s, it was changed to reflect a beautiful romantic English garden with curved walking paths.

    With a central location right between Odense Main Station and Central Odense, it serves as the City’s green getaway.  Many visitors stroll through the garden, especially during the summer when locals flock here to spend some time in the sun. Concerts are held free of charge in the Garden every Thursday in July.

    The King's Garden recently underwent major renovations to make the beloved park even more beautiful, and modern architecture was introduced.  You should definitely check out the Garden, but don't mind a little wind in your hair or a bit of sun in your eyes.


    The park is located next door to Odense Central station and Danhostel Odense City, which is open all year. 

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