Cookie Policy

    General information about cookies

    A cookie is a small piece of data, that websites save on their visitor's computers, so the visiting computer can be recognised during the next visit to that particular website. Cookies send information back and forth between the browser and the web server, containing e.g. insights into how the website is used by each user, and thus a tool used for optimizing the user experience. Cookies are passive pieces of data, and cannot - by definition - cause any harm to your computer such as carrying a computer virus or any malicious software (malware). They help towards an analysis of how a particular website is navigated, so its webmaster can improve its design and layout, and/or carry information vital to the functionality of the website. In many instances, cookies can be absolutely necessary to offer a certain service (such as bookings and content functionality that requires logging in), due to the requirements of the system, in order to keep track of the data you wish to submit purposefully.

    Cookies are normally automatically deleted by the browser when it is closed down (so-called session-cookies). Other cookies can be set with an expiration date, so the gathered data and input only exist for a certain amount of time. Persistent cookies are typically saved on ones' hard disk and must be manually removed/deleted, but in general, have very small file-sizes.

    Cookies can either be first-party or third-party cookies. First-party cookies are delivered by the website that a user visits. Third-party cookies are delivered by an off-site third-party (such as advertisers, outsourced analytical services, and social media plugins), who have elements embedded in the particular website that the user visits, that exchange information with a web server, other than the one that is hosting (or publishing) the visited website.

    Descriptions of the cookies that the Danhostel website utilises, are listed below:

    Cookies from Google Analytics:

    The information that cookies collect about use (i.e. traffic data and your IP address) is stored on Google’s servers. Danhostel uses the information to prepare reports on website activity.

    Note: If the law requires it, Google can disclose information to third parties.

    Flash movies and cookies:

    Flash cookies are stored on the user’s computer by Adobe Flash Player. 

    In the embedded movies from YouTube and video23, respectively, a browser (HTTP) cookie and a Flash cookie are created.

    Twitter, Facebook and other social media cookies:

    Cookies are created through buttons, widgets and “social plugins”.

    Danhostel website cookies:

    Name: availability_searches

    Type: Persistent cookie

    Lifetime: +1 month

    Description: Keeps the latest availability searches from the Frontpage

    Name: camps_hostels_{USER_LANGUAGE}

    Type: Persistent cookie

    Lifetime: +1 month

    Description: Keeps the selected hostels on the Ask for quote camps page per language

    Name: groups_hostels_{USER_LANGUAGE}

    Type: Persistent cookie

    Lifetime: +1 month

    Description: Keeps the selected hostels on the Ask for quote groups page per language

    Name: courses_hostels_{USER_LANGUAGE}

    Type: Persistent cookie

    Lifetime: +1 month

    Description: Keeps the selected hostels on the Ask for quote courses page per language