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    Experience Copenhagen

    Denmark is the home of hygge. The Independent, a British newspaper, describes hygge as “a feeling of comfort and contentment, as well as indulging in all the good things and people in your life.” Would you like to experience hygge in Copenhagen? Then come alone, or with family or friends and stay in stylish, affordable and relaxing surroundings.

    Stay in Copenhagen with the Ones You Care About

    If you want to experience Copenhagen, book your reservation at one of our Danhostels which provide the perfect setting for large families and groups. We have modern, spacious rooms at budget prices to suit everyone. At Danhostel you will sleep in comfortable, modern beds in modern rooms, and get a chance to meet new and exciting acquaintances in our common areas.

    Experience Hygge

    At Danhostel, great service and community are important to us, so we have designed our hostels to bring people together.  We know what hygge means and offer you a chance to experience it for yourself.  Whether you are on holiday with us as a family, a group of friends or a single traveller, you can meet people from all over the world and make new friends with others who choose our hostel as a home away from home. We provide cosy niches with sofas, tables and games – a few of the tools needed to make create memories together.  That is hygge.  

    Coming Soon!

    Look out for our “Hygge Special” and get our exclusive “Hygge Guide” for Copenhagen coming soon! Our “Hygge Guide” will contain information on the best spots in Copenhagen to hygge all year round.  The "Guide" will vary by season, so each hostel's website will have all the information you need. 

    Be Local with the Locals

    Danhostel's hosts are locals who know Copenhagen very well, so they can help you find unique places and experiences.  Through insider tips, you will discover Copenhagen's secrets places such as small shops, eateries with various cuisine, and cosy cafes where the locals hang out.

    In the Middle of the City and Out in Nature

    Danhostel's largest city hostel Danhostel Copenhagen City, located in the centre of Copenhagen, offers splendid views of the canal, city and skyline. Tivoli and Strøget (Copenhagen’s largest car-free shopping street) are within walking distance of the hostel and there are ample opportunities to access nature, culture and activities.

    Danhostel Copenhagen Amager lies in a beautiful, quiet area next door to the natural area of Amager Fælled.  Close by is a golf course, Bella Center (exhibition and conference centre), Royal Arena and the shopping centre called Fields.  The Metro is within walking distance.

    Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj overlooks Degnemose, a green, tranquil oasis.  If you are a family with children, you will enjoy the large playground.  It is easy to get to the city centre from the hostel if you want to experience activities in the city.

    Transport? No Problem

    Whether you are coming to Copenhagen by car, bus, train or plane, the three Danhostels are centrally located and close to all the city's experiences. Danhostel Copenhagen Amager offers free parking and is close to Copenhagen Airport, Øresund Bridge leading to Malmo, and Copenhagen Metro. Danhostel Copenhagen Bellahøj provides free parking and is close to bus 2A which runs regularly to the city centre. Danhostel Copenhagen City is near the city centre close to Central Station and the harbour buses.

    Book Now

    Book your reservation at one of our Copenhagen Danhostels and enjoy the perfect setting for single travellers, families and groups.